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The 5 Cheapest Cities in England for Buyers

Discover Affordable Living in the UK without Compromising on Quality

The United Kingdom has always been a magnet for tourists from around the globe because of its history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. The cost of living in the UK plays an important role in determining whether one should make it their living destination. It is important to understand that living expenses vary widely across the country. While major cities like London can be very expensive but there are several places labelled as the cheapest cities in England.

In addition to financial considerations, if you are moving to the UK, these cheap cities located in England also have their own unique features and attractions. From vibrant local markets filled with fresh produce and unique produce to historical landmarks and cultural events, each destination has something special to offer to its residents. These cities in the UK are not only cheap but also offer a sense of community and a friendly atmosphere that promotes a high quality of life.

General Living Costs in the UK

Before we delve into the cheapest places, it is important to grasp the overall context of living costs in the UK. Key expenditures to consider include housing, utilities, transportation, and groceries. Cities like London, Oxford, and Cambridge rank among the most expensive in the world, the cost of living drops significantly when you head north or explore smaller towns.

1. Doncaster, South Yorkshire: An Affordable Gem for Budget Buyers

Nestled in South Yorkshire, Doncaster is a charming town boasting a vibrant market that has thrived for over 800 years. With its stunning architecture and rich history, this place offers more than 400 stores, stalls, and kiosks where you can find practically anything you need! What sets Doncaster apart is its affordability, making it one of the cheapest cities in England. The average home price there is around £160,000, and you can find one-bedroom apartments for rent under £500 per month.

Moreover, the town enjoys excellent train connections, making travel to important nearby towns like Leeds and Sheffield convenient. Doncaster appeals to families, working individuals, and retirees alike, thanks to its diverse attractions and cost-effective living.

2. Hull, East Yorkshire: Where Quality Living Meets Affordability

Hull offers an enticing lifestyle at a fraction of the cost compared to other cities making it one of the cheapest cities in England. The average home price there is considerably lower than the national average, around £135,000. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre can cost as little as £450 per month, making it an extremely cheap option.

Hull's manageable size ensures commuting is easy and affordable. Daily markets like Trinity Market offer reasonably priced fresh fruit, and the town frequently hosts free or inexpensive events and festivals. Combining culture, history, and affordability, Hull is a hidden gem for individuals seeking an affordable place to call home.

Student Life in Hull:

Hull is also an attractive destination for students, offering a wide range of study programs at the University of Hull and a lively student culture that fosters growth and engagement.

3. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Stoke-on-Trent fondly referred to as "The Potteries," gained fame through its popular ceramic industry. However, what truly makes this city appealing is the combination of low living expenses and a growing business community. The average cost of a home in Stoke is around £140,000, and you can find one-bedroom apartment leases for less than £500 at times.

Stoke-on-Trent not only ranks among the cheapest cities in England but is also known for its welcoming neighbourhoods. The city attracts artists due to its abundance of galleries and studios, hosting the annual British Ceramics Biennial. If you are an artist or an entrepreneur, Stoke-on-Trent can be your best option without straining your finances.

4. Bradford, West Yorkshire

Bradford, located in West Yorkshire, is a city that combines rich cultural heritage with an array of parks, galleries, and historical sites. Its’ affordable living and tight-knit community make it truly shine for families. The average house in Bradford costs around £130,000, making it one of the most affordable and cheapest cities in England.

Renting is also budget-friendly, with a one-bedroom apartment often costing under £450 per month. The award-winning City Park, with the largest manufactured water feature in the UK, is a hotspot for family outings. Bradford is not just easy on the pocket, but also rich in culture and community spirit making it an ideal place for families to flourish.

5. Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Sunderland - located at the mouth of the River Wear, is a gem where a stunning coastline meets a thriving technology sector. It is the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern opportunity. Surprisingly, all these benefits come with a highly affordable price tag. The average house price in Sunderland is around £145,000, and rental costs are very low, with one-bedroom apartments typically priced under £500 per month.

Its beaches, such as Roker and Seaburn, are among the best in the country, and the burgeoning tech industry offers ample job opportunities, especially for students. If you’re moving to the UK and you're a nature lover looking for tranquil seaside living or a tech enthusiast, seeking new ventures, Sunderland is a beacon of affordability and opportunity.

Which city would be the cheapest for students who are moving to the UK?

Hull and Doncaster emerge as particularly favourable destinations for students, primarily because they not only are cheap cities, which makes them affordable options for living in the UK but also reputable educational institutions with a diverse range of programs and opportunities for both local and international students ensuring a well-rounded and enriching academic experience

Where can I afford to live in the UK?

The cities discussed here offer a range of affordable options. Your choice depends on lifestyle preferences, cultural interests, and career opportunities.


All of the cheapest cities in England mentioned above offer viable alternatives for those seeking affordability without compromising on quality. From historical markets to coastal charms, these cities provide a rich experience. Whether you're a student, a professional, or looking to retire, these towns offer a refreshing alternative to the more expensive areas.

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